A gestão de recursos, a estratégia e os jogos Tower Defense

Resource management, strategy and Tower Defense games

Anderson G. Piffer; Daniel Henrique G. Mescoloto; Felipe K. Mitami; Felipe N. Moreti; Gabriel M. F. Franco; Pamella de O. Baldini; Paulo de T. M. Peres Jr

Mentored by: Adriana Kei O. S.

Resource management and strategy are concepts that can be applied in Game Design to create entertainment and new gaming experiences. Supported by case studies of several games, bibliographic reviews and interviews of game designers, this research seeks to point out ways to bring different strategies in a Tower Defense game through resource management. An analytic view of resources in games is proposed, considering terms, definitions, methods, relations and possibilities of resources in games, and their management through different kinds of economy. A reflection of studies that discusses player’s strategic decisions and their types, their importance and frequency, linking with resource management and a game’s mechanic is also done. In the end, We also deeply analysed Tower Defense games in an attempt to define the concepts that characterizes their mechanics and to discuss strategic decisions and game balance by applying the resource management and strategy knowledge in this context.

Keywords: game design, resources, resource management, strategy, tower defense.

Research made in PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese) in 2012 for my bachelor's thesis on Game Design - Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. Attention, this is an academic research, if you wish to use it as a reference don’t forget to include it in your bibliography.