As interfaces espaciais e o locus de atenção do jogador no design de interfaces dos jogos digitais

Spatial interfaces and player's locus of attention in digital game interface design

Anderson G. Piffer; Delmar G. Domingues

While developing a digital game, the designer brings solutions to the arrangement of game information to players through tactile, visual and audible interfaces. This paper seeks to prove that it is possible to set priorities for information, and distribute them throughout the game world in an effective way, considering current player’s locus of attention. Through studies about interface design and cognitive psychology, and a brief analysis of interfaces in games, it is possible to evaluate uses for spatial interfaces and their connection to game mechanics, considering positive and negative interferences in the player’s experience.

Keywords: interface design, games, locus of attention, experience, HUD.

Document published in PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese) for Art and Design Track of XI Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment. Attention, this is an academic research, if you wish to use it as a reference don’t forget to include it in your bibliography.