Game Designer (2015)
Product Owner (2016)

Tapps Games


Cow Evolution is a weird and funny game about creating mutatated cows to conquer the universe. During your journey you can upgrade your farm, customize your cows with funny hats and discover new planets.

  • Analyzed metrics, best-practices and user feedback to design new updates
  • Designed new mechanics and content to improve Cow Evolution retention
  • Introduced more monetization systems to improve Cow Evolution revenue
  • Rebalanced Cow Evolution progression and economy via A/B testing
  • Created and localized new content such as Alien Cows descriptions and menus
  • Working on the updates and new features with artists and coders
Cow Evolution and others Evolutions series games are played by thousands daily. They also have reached the top free downloaded games on App Store and Google Play in many countries. Cow Evolution is a commercial success and we have been updating its content since the initial release.